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Internet runs on BGP. Securing the BGP is the foundation for Internet routing security.

But it is not only the protocol we must take care of. BGP as an application is also vulnerable to various threats, like route manipulation and route hijacking. BGP will originate IP prefixes as it is being told to do. It is up to network administrators to mitigate the risk of BGP misusage or exploit attempts. Internet was ment to be a place for well-behaved, but, being enormous as it is today it can not be based on trust anymore. Internet resources, like autonomous system numbers (ASNs) and IP prefixes, must be given a validatable proof of holdership. This kind of proof can be given by Resource Certification systems. The resource certificates offers the basics for a secure Internet routing, particularly BGP route origin validation.
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Granular, efficient and distributed firewalling based on good old BGP.

BGP can carry many different network-related information, sometimes described as address families or NLRI (Network Layer Reachability Information). One of them is FlowSpec (RFC 5575), which allows BGP to propagate a filter for a specific IPv4 packet flow. A flow, which is defined by an n-tuple, like a combination of source and destination IP address, protocol number and ports, can be discarded, rate-limited, redirected to some analysis or mitigation device etc. BGP is simply used to signal the routers to perform appropriate filtering actions for a certain flow. Read the rest of this entry »