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Once again it is obvious that there is no free lunch. Not even in networking technology. Saving money on routers and interfaces is often accompanied by reduced performance.

Here I was discussing a solution of a simple problem – how to forward traffic between a global router (GRT) and a VRF within a single box with some constraints:

  • systems in the VRF must also reach directly connected networks in the GRT
  • there is no BGP information about directly connected networks in the GRT, therefore VRF route leaking with BGP is not an option
  • no extra routers can be used
  • no additional ports can be used

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“Penny wise, pound foolish”, you might say about the proposal to use internal GRE tunnel to forward traffic between global router (GRT) and a virtual one within the same physical device. Well, it works well to a certain extent – performance is being halved but money for interface ports well saved.

We want to achieve the following:

  • traffic between servers A and servers B will use the green direct path between AS A and AS B
  • no other traffic must follow this green path
  • servers A and servers B will communicate via dashed backup path via internet in case the green path fails
  • servers A communicate with all other clients via blue paths and internet
  • servers A can only use router A for the gateway
  • no additional physical interfaces on router A can be used

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