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Rarely used feature, but it might come in handy.

In the following scenario a service provider AS 1 has a customer which is using a private AS 65000 within his network. The customer has just received their own AS number and they are planning to migrate from the private one. Theirs intention is to introduce the new AS gradually and keep the old peerings with the private AS up and running during the migration.
What a customer needs is a feature that will allow a router to replace their own AS number with another one in the eBGP updates.
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OSPF is used in numerous networks, it is well documented, well-known and widely tested in many scenarios. When IPv6 came along, good old OSPF which was used for IPv4 (OSPFv2), got a younger brother – OSPFv3. Many networks now run both protocols, one for IPv4 and the other for IPv6. This is getting more and more ridiculous, because OSPFv3 can be used to route IPv4 also.

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